Princess Party Crafts and Favor

I made these for a Princess Camp but I think they would be GREAT for a birthday party. They kids really loved making them and wearing them. It was easy enough for them to make without help and there was no mess :) The buckets would make awesome party favors!!

To make the crown and the wand you will need:

- Stiff felt

- sticker gems

- pink ribbon or a little bit of pink tulle (I used left overs from the buckets)

- a pink headband. If you are making them for a group, it might be hard to find all pink. What I did was buy a package of 7 headbands at the dollar store and then wrapped them in pink ribbon. You just have to secure the ribbon at the beginning with hot glue, wrap the headband and secure it again at the end with hot glue.

- a wooden dowel


- Draw and cut out the shape of a star out of the felt.

- Find a pattern that you like for the front of your crown, trace it and cut it out. (what I did is trace around one of our old crowns)

- Hot glue the star to the dowel and the front of the crown to the headband.

- Tie some ribbons or a tulle strip to the wand.

Let kids decorate it  and wear it right away, no need to dry!!!

Princess Bucket

To make the buckets you will need:

- Pink bucket

- Tulle cut into 2 inch strips.

- Letter stickers (Hobby Lobby has these 50% regularly)

- Flower sequins

- Hot glue gun and sticks


Put the stickers on with the name you want.

Fold your strip of tulle in half. You want the open ends looking up and the fold at the bottom.

Put a glue dot on the inside of the bucket and quickly place the beginning of the tulle strip, the bottom (fold side) on it. Continue to place a glue dot, bunch the tulle up and stick, all around the bucket. I don’t recommend just doing a strip of glue because it gave it a messier look when I did that.

If you want to decorate it yourself for favors, glue the sequins around the bucket. If you want to let the kids decorate them provide them with a q-tip and regular craft glue to do the sequins. This will help them have a neater bucket and not just glue everywhere :)

I hope you enjoy!!!



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