Fabric Scrap Necklaces and Headbands

I have a never ending stack of scraps of fabric that I can’t seem to find any use for, but I don’t ever want to get rid off. I always think I’ll figure something to do with them and YEARS have gone by and the stack lays there, growing rapidly but never touched. Finally, for the first time I was so happy to find something to do with them after seeing someone wearing one of these!!! I made braided necklaces and headbands. My girls and I LOVED them! It only took us 5 to 10 minutes to make 4 of them, so it is super easy!!!

I do have to say they are addictive!! Once you make one, you will not want to stop. I keep thinking of ways I can use them and add ons  I can do to them!! Example? At first I was just going to do just a necklace, then I thought…. why not a headband?? Then, I thought of key chain, bag handles, bracelets, gift wrapping, belts, etc. The possibilities are endless when you are making  something so cheap and easy!!

What you need:

- 3 different fabric scraps (preferably long so you don’t have to keep tying scraps together)

- Security pin

- sewing machine or needle and thread.

- If making a headband, elastic.


- Take your fabric and cut a little snip at the beginning and tear the fabric all the way to the end. (tearing as opposed to cutting, gives it that frayed look)

- About an inch apart, make another snip and tear all the way down.

- Do this with all 3 of your fabrics. They will look something like this.

- Now grab your  3 strips of fabric, stack them on top of each other and put your security pin through the beginning of your fabric and attach the security pin to your pants or the carpet. (I know, it’s a little weird but it will keep it from moving around)

- Make a braid as long as you need it.

- If you are making a necklace, make sure it’s long enough to go over your head or whoever you are making this for! Then, go to your machine, stitch the ends together and cut out leftover fabric or make a little bow with it!

- If you are making a headband, grab your elastic and place right in the middle of one of the ends and stitch it in place.

- Make sure you know how big you need it to be, before you stitch the other end!! After you have measured it, go ahead and stitch the other end of  the elastic  in place.

- Cut leftover fabric and elastic and …

You are done!! That was easy!!!

Enjoy making them  and let me know if you find any cool uses for them too!!

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